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How to Trust Your Ideal Client is Out There?

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Let’s say you really want to work with passionate female entrepreneurs who wants to make a difference, but because you doubted, you started taking male clients who are not your ideal audience.

Over time, you end up losing passion and spark for your work.


Because your heart desires to work with passionate female entrepreneurs.

Yet, you lost faith and started doubting.

What is Doubt?

Yes, doubt is that nagging voice you hear creeping up on you and always second guessing your work.

The thing about doubt is it will make you justify itself.

It will tell you that someone has to pay the bills and if you don’t take on any clients, your business will fail.

Sounds pretty logical right?

What’s the Big Deal?

You’re just creating unnecessary stories to store the bullshit and excuses you created.

Doubt just scored a point and trust is still at zero.

At first, you think this is just one occasion, not a big deal.


Because every decision will either confirm or deny your belief.

You just confirmed that your ideal client doesn’t exist.

Now, your decision will compound.

Soon enough and before you know it, you are swimming in a whirlpool of doubt.

Why Trust?

The thing is when you’re certain of the outcome, you can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.

Trust that the universe wants to reward and grant you your desires, as long as our negative belief system (aka doubt) does not preventing that synchronicity.

Trust in your intuition and your decisions.

Only you have 100 % control over yourself, so why not trust yourself?

I mean who else are you going to trust?

Trust in the government to take care of you?

Heck no.

So please, trust that your ideal clients are out there.

Trust that they will find you, as long as you put in the effort to be found.

What’s the next step?

So tell me, what’s on thing you do today to practice in trusting in yourself?

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