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Leadership styles venn diagram

3 Types of Leadership Styles

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Leadership | 0 comments

Feminine leadership typically falls in one of two leadership styles:

  1. Avoidant leadership
  2. Anxious leadership

Avoidant Leadership Style

An avoidant leader decides that the needs of her team members are more important than the needs of her business. 

When her team makes a mistake, she goes oh it’s okay and makes excuses for her team.

She’s afraid to make her team feel uncomfortable and worries about being confrontational, so she doesn’t speak her truth. 

She is afraid to fire anyone and will keep team members even though they aren’t performing.

She procrastinates on having important conversations with her team that she ends up building resentment towards her business. 

Anxious Leadership Style

An anxious leader decides she needs to be in control of every aspect of her business and not allow her team to complete any tasks. 

When her team makes a mistake, she goes, “AH HA I knew it!” Put that task back on her plate. 

All because she thinks she is the only person that knows how to do it and can do it.

She’s afraid of the outcome if she lets go, because she can’t trust others, but most importantly herself.

Her team has no idea what tasks to do and tip toes, since the anxious leader wants to do it all.

But there’s a third option of leadership style…

Fierce Leadership Style

A fierce leader communicates clearly the business’ direction and her expectations for her team.

She lets control of how things are done in her business.

She trusts herself and she trusts her team to complete their assigned tasks.

She empowers her team and allow them to become leaders.

She often gives her team the credit for doing the work, because she knows that her value as a leader isn’t in the DOING, but in leading and coaching the team.

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